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Established in 1969, the Israel Association of Community Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Israel’s diverse communities. Its network includes over 160 community centers (40 in the non-Jewish sector), with 816 branches throughout Israel.


Operation Protective Edge

During Operation Protective Edge, The IACC provided programs, services, and respite activities to 280,000 residents living under fire. The IACC operated in 24 local authorities during this time of emergency: Sderot, Sha'ar Hanegev, Ofakim, Merchavim, Netivot, Ashkelon, Shafir, Yoav, Nachal Sorek, Gan Yavne, Hevel Yavne, Yavne, Har Hevron, Yeruham, Dimona, Ramat Negev; Bedouin communities: Lakia, Segev Shalom, Tel Sheva, Rahat, Kesefiya, Hura, and Arara (7 of the 9 Bedouin Negev municipalities). 

IACC Community Centers and their staff across Israel hosted Southern residents, providing fun activities and special programs and services for children, teens and families. These community centers organized:

  • 4,172 recreational programs and activities in protected shelters at

  • 3,762 locations for 164,586 participants.

  • 1,774 performances in protected shelters for 30,073 participants.

Israel & Overseas - International Relationship & Global Connections

The IACC's cooperation with its international partners aims to develop and promote training in the field of communal service.

The JCC Global Amitim-Fellows Program

Five IACC Community Centers that joined The Amitim – Fellows Program participated in the

Budapest Conference, co-chaired by Mark Ramer and Menachem Revivi. It brought together almost 100 Executives Directors, Presidents, Senior Lay Leaders, Board Members and representatives of JCC regional networks – CDI, CLAM, EAJCC, IACC, IFCC, JCCA, JDC and Jewish Care- in Budapest in order to launch the three year program.

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We were also featured on the UJA Federation of New York web site.

Please find attached the 7 projects that were chosen by the 27 JCCs and the breakdown of the JCC joint project groups.


IACC Activities for Bedouins in the Negev

Israel's low number of civilian casualties can be attributed to two safeguards: the Iron Dome missile-defense system, which prevents rockets from falling in urban areas, and the abundant availability of protected shelters, to which residents flee when they hear sirens.

In the event of a rocket attack, 200,000 Bedouins of Southern Israel have nowhere to run; there are very few shelters in the dozens of recognized and unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev. 


Making a Difference for People with Disabilities

Activities for people with special needs take place regularly in over 140 community centers in Israel. The scope of the activities is vast and encompasses children, youth, and adults with handicaps or special needs.

The IACC founded the Department for Handicapped and People with Special Needs in 1991, based on the belief that every human has the fundamental right to access places, activities, employment and recreation facilities, without any hiderance based on their handicaps or other special needs.