About Us

 The Israel Association of Community Centers 

Decades of Experience Serving the Community 

Established in 1969, the Israel Association of Community Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Israel’s diverse communities. Its unique democratic, holistic and flexible approach encompasses a comprehensive range of programs specially tailored to the needs of each community in which it operates. These programs are available to all Israelis, regardless of ethnic background, religion, age, gender, economic status, or location. The IACC is proud to offer the same range and level of services to Israel’s peripheral areas as to the center, and to place special emphasis on serving disadvantaged populations in all sectors of the country. It offers the services of professional training, planning, development, and fundraising for special projects to meet the needs of its network that includes over 160 community centers (40 in the non-Jewish sector), with 816 branches throughout Israel. 

Commonly thought of as a place to fill leisure time and have fun, the essential goal of today’s member community centers or “Matnas” of the IACC is to improve the quality of life, based on the needs and values of the individual community as its social fabric changes.

Beyond offering the individual a sense of belonging, one’s local community center offers opportunities for empowerment, volunteerism and the assumption of leadership roles.

The activities of the Israel Association of Community Centers begin at the grassroots level and nurture the seeds of social change and betterment. From innovative early childhood enrichment programs for immigrant children, to helping embrace each other’s differences, to coexistence programs between Jews and Arabs, the IACC is seeking to overcome Israel's social obstacles, one by one.