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A Unique Model

Under the IACC as an umbrella organization, and in cooperation with local authorities, there are today some 160 community centers across the country, in the center as well as the periphery, in the Jewish as well as non-Jewish sectors. Dozens of national projects and programs are run through the IACC and the community centers, connecting people, promoting involvement, responsibility and a voluntary leadership.

The community center is a dynamic, flexible, and innovative organization dedicated to serving a changing environment. It is often the only community agency present in a particular locality, providing a social-communal home. Its doors are open to all and it allows anyone in the community to realize their potential and dreams.

Each community center is an independently run body, headed by its public board of directors. A tri-party contract and a charter regulate the relationships between the local authority, the IACC and the community center.

Community centers are grassroot organizations aimed to provide state-of-the-art services in cooperation with the local authorities, government institutions and other organizations. They allow for a wide array of social services to be available, and promote communal development and empowerment, aimed at improving the quality of life in each community, in a way that is appropriate to its own particular social structure.