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Operation Protective Edge

Posted by admin on September 8, 2014

During Operation Protective Edge, The IACC provided programs, services, and respite activities to 280,000 residents living under fire. The IACC operated in 24 local authorities during this time of emergency: Sderot, Sha'ar Hanegev, Ofakim, Merchavim, Netivot, Ashkelon, Shafir, Yoav, Nachal Sorek, Gan Yavne, Hevel Yavne, Yavne, Har Hevron, Yeruham, Dimona, Ramat Negev; Bedouin communities: Lakia, Segev Shalom, Tel Sheva, Rahat, Kesefiya, Hura, and Arara (7 of the 9 Bedouin Negev municipalities).

IACC Community Centers and their staff across Israel hosted Southern residents, providing fun activities and special programs and services for children, teens and families. These community centers organized:

  • 4,172 recreational programs and activities in protected shelters at

  • 3,762 locations for 164,586 participants.

  • 1,774 performances in protected shelters for 30,073 participants.

  • Recreational daytrips to safer cities for 82,149 participants, using 1,667 buses

  • 1,100 volunteers provided activities for 13,350 participants

  • Volunteers from the North offered home hospitality for Southern residents through their local community centers.

  • The IACC worked in 7 Bedouin municipalities, which presented unique challenges including the absence of bomb shelters, the sensitive nature of the hostilities, and the restrictions of Ramadan. Read more here.

The IACC raised funds and gained sponsorships from private donors in Israel and abroad including 95 businesses from a range of sectors (food, beverage, toys, games, finance, pharmaceutical, hi-tech) – providing a value of ₪ 1,877,820.

We would like to enthusiastically thank our generous donors:

JFNA, JDC, UJA Federation of New York, Private Foundations and Private Donors,

the Israeli Corporate Sector, Local authorities, the Kibbutz Movement, Ministry of Education, Ministry of the Negev and Galil, Ministry of Welfare, Home Front Command Volunteer Committee, Third Sector Forum of the National Emergency Authority ("Rachel"), JDC Israel, Tarbut Yisrael, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Mifal HaPayis (National Lottery), Hosen Leumi, JAFI, Keren LYedidut, Rashi Fund, and private donors.