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Israel & Overseas

1. International Relationship & Global connections

The IACC 's cooperation with its international partners aims to develop and promote training in the field of communal service. Global connections, learning from others and sharing experiences through expert exchange visits, training the trainers programs, staff seminars exchange programs for professional leaders as well as youth exchange programs have proven to be effective and rewarding ways of organizational capacity building and progress. The IACC cooperates with several worldwide organizations:

1.1 Cooperation & Memberships:

2. Strengthening Jewish communities & Promoting Jewish Peoplehood

In order to create a meaningful and sustainable relationship aimed to strengthen the sense of Klal Israel, IACC organizes study visits, develops JCC-to-JCC and Tri-Center relationships, supports and nurtures the development of meaningful mutual relations between JCCs worldwide. IACC seeks to connect each Community Center to at least one fellow JCC partner, one in Israel and one in another Jewish community.

2.1 JCC to JCC partnership
2012 three new partnerships:

  • Ramat Yishay Matnas – Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC, Northern New Jersey
  • Kiriyat Menachem, Jerusalem – JCC of Greater Buffalo
  • Kochav Yair –Sid Jacobson JCC, Long Island
  • the map

2.2 Recent remarks on the return of Mazkeret Batiya – Memphis partnership, August 2012
Barrie Weiser, CEO , Memphis JCC

"....Over 30 years ago our Center embarked on a short lived relationship with a community in Northern Israel. For whatever the reasons were this relationship died on the vine without ever bearing fruit. In 2 short years our partnership with the Matnas in Mazkeret Batya has resulted in visits from their former Exec to Memphis, my visiting their fantastic community, Ken Steinberg visiting and meeting with their leadership and most of all our MJCC Maccabi Team staying in Mazkeret Batya last summer and their team coming here this year. For the first time in 30 years of JCC Maccabi history Israel and the host USA city did not have 2 separate teams, but one team entered into the Games...the MEMPHIS-MAZKERET BATYA TEAM.
I firmly believe that the relationship between our American Jewish Community and Israel, if it is to continue to flourish in the coming years, must be one based on an equal partnership with each strengthening the other, learning from each other and most of all building personal relationships"...

2.3 Havayya International – Joint project Ramat HaSharon Migvanim CC & 92 street Y, New York, NY.

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3. The Tri Center Project

The goal of the project is to develop the sense of Klal Israel by creating a meaningful relationship between JCCs from three different communities, one in Israel, one in North America and the third from another part of the Jewish world
List of tri centers are:

  • Staten Island, New York- Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem- Redbridge, London
  • Sephardic JCC, New York- Gilo, Jerusalem- Toulouse, France
  • Benson Hurst , New York- Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem- Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.