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Jewish Renewal & Education

The Department of Jewish Renewal is a breeding ground for programs that seek to develop Israeli-Jewish culture in the communities. This is done in light of the Israel Association for Community Centers' vision to promote a just and egalitarian civil community. The department operates within the framework of the IACC's division for community development, working by way of extensive cooperations with various government offices and other similar organizations in Israel and around the world.

The Department's Vision

The Community Center as a greenhouse, allowing growth of initiatives and action programs in the field of Jewish-Israel identity, and structuring Jewish and social life in Israel's communities.


  • To promote a sense of belonging to Jewish-Israeli culture.

  • To make the wealth of Jewish heritage available and accessible, from a pluralistic standpoint.

  • To raise consciousness to the heritage of Jewish culture.

  • To promote the dialogue between old and new, and between groups in the community.

  • To strengthen social solidarity between different faiths, opinions and streams, surrounding the Jewish cycle of life.


Zodiac Wheel with Hebrew Labels.
From the mosaic floor of the 6th
century Beth Alpha synagogue near
Beth Shean, Israel.

Areas of Activity

The department supports the professional teams and the communities, via the dozens of comunity centers around Israel, in the following fields:

  • Management training, training of professional teams and of volunteer leadership, with short term and long term courses.

  • Development and production of innovative educational materials.OhevShalom.png

  • Provision of training services for non-profit as well as business organizations.

  • Development of a professional organizational ethics based on Israeli-Jewish values.

  • Production of events following the Jewish year cycle.