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Women's Empowerment


The IACC’s programs for women enable them to complete their basic education, receive professional training, and develop leadership skills.

A new and innovative economic empowerment program for women - the Single Mothers’ Entrepreneurship Development Program - aims to provide single mothers with the self-confidence, knowledge, and skills to start and manage their own small businesses, thus enabling them to break out of the poverty to which their situation has condemned them and become economically self-sufficient.

In contrast to most professional training programs, this program will not only teach the women the technical skills required to establish and run a small business, but will also focus on their personal growth and empowerment. It will serve both single mothers who wish to start their own small business and those who have recently started a business and need assistance and support in their endeavor. 


CME - Continuing Medical Education

  • 2,000 Primary Care Physicians in Klalit Medical Services
  • Over 250 Clinics
  • Distance E-Learning
  • Discussion Groups
  • Visiting Scholars: 
    • In 2002 - Six doctors attended an advanced course at the Cleveland Clinic.
    • In 2003 - Seven physicians & three academic nurses commenced studies in the U.S.
    • In 2005 - A booklet for doctors was published by the above participants: “Special Issues in Women's Health.” The booklet includes literature and study cases.

HAGAM - Promoting the Well-being of Disadvantaged Women Soldiers

  • Special recruits for the IDF
  • Low intellectual level
  • Low self esteem
  • Problems of adaptability and functioning
  • Tendency toward emotional and impulsive behaviour
  • Low socio-economic background
  • 150 women soldiers in each “recruitment” - 900 a year
  • 12 hours of courses
  • Promoting healthy relationships, sexuality and lifestyle
  • April 2005 - pilot course for 150 soldiers 
  • November 2005 - 300 recruits evaluated

Matnasim - Women’s Leadership for Women’s Health Promotion in the Community

  • 3 years of the program
  • Over 30 community centers in Israel participated 2002
  • Impacting thousands of women in the community
  • Developing women’s leadership 
  • Additional centers are joining every year
  • Knowledge = Power

Enya Lenya (For Ourselves)

  • Two years of the program
  • Beginning February 18, 2007 - Training course for 20 women of Ethiopian origin to become facilitators on health issues
  • Working in the absorption centers with the Falash Mura immigrants
  • Training the local absorption centers’ staff
  • Second year course for 20 more facilitators
  • Working in 6 absorption centers and in community centers

ISHA Ba’Galil - Women’s Leadership in the Galilee

  • 10 Community Centers in the Galil
  • Representation of Jewish, Arab – Muslim, Christian, Druze and Charkesim communities in the Galil
  • 3 years of program by the UJIA – British Women’s Division
  • Starting March 12

ISHA and P2K

  • ISHA is part of Federation’s Partnership 2000 program
  • Marketing the project to all partnerships
  • Developing “tailor-made” programs according to each partnership’s needs
  • Adapting existing programs to the partnerships
  • New beginnings with: Ramla and Kansas City, Ashkelon and the West Coast, Sderot and Sha’ar Hanegev with Holland, Galil with Britain

ISHA Ba’Darom - Women’s Leadership in the Negev

  • 2 community centers in the Negev 
  • Sderot and Sha’ar Hanegev
  • 3 years of program by the Keren Hayesod - Holland P2K
  • Beginning February 2007
  • Special emphasis on “stress issues” and how to deal with stress due to the rocket attacks on the region

Domestic Violence - A Training Program for Health Care Professionals in Israel

  • 200 Professionals - doctors, nurses, social workers, members of steering committees in health institutes
  • 2 days of training - team building, providing knowledge about domestic violence and learning new skills - how to approach and deal in each case
  • 1 day of simulation workshops in M.S.R - practicing the new learned skills by using video, actors and simulation activities. 
  • An instruction booklet will be developed

Possible New Initiatives

  • “Someone to Run With” - A Tel Aviv day shelter for girls in distress
  • Self defense training for girls and their mothers
  • Women in sports 
  • Coping with trauma and stress
  • Rehabilitation of young prostitutes